87.9% Digestibility!

Gabe the Husky lying on a porch

Digestibility has became quite the buzz word in discussions surrounding pet food of late. The term represents the percentage of a food taken in to the digestive tract that is absorbed by the body. Although pretty gross, the way digestibility is measured is by comparing the intake of food versus the amount of waste generated by the animal. Obviously, more nutrients absorbed by the animal signifies that a food is being used efficiently. Because a truly raw diet is not exposed to any heat, it will typically rate in between 90-97% digestible depending on it's composition and protein source.

This is where RAWZ is truly the next best thing to feeding raw! Due to avoiding the use of anything rendered, particularly protein meals, RAWZ has a remarkable digestibility of 87.9%! Contributing to this amazing statistic is the gentle, small batch cooking of our minimally processed formulas. In fact, to steam cook our food we don't need to add any water as the quantity of meat in each RAWZ product offers plenty of its own moisture naturally!