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General Nutrition


What does “meal free” mean?

“Meal free” means the product does not contain any type of rendered meats (no chicken meal, no turkey meal, no lamb meal, and no fish meals). RAWZ chicken and salmon recipes use dehydrated chicken, real poultry and/or wild caught fish as protein sources.


Why are lower carbohydrates preferred?

Carbohydrates are not part of the natural diet for dogs and cats, so it should come as no surprise that carbohydrates are not nutritionally essential (in any amount) for them. 

In fact, excessive carbohydrates may contribute to unhealthy weight gain in some pets.


How is your product able to provide for all life stages and all breeds?

In order for a food to be classified “all life stages”, it must pass a certain protocol used by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AFFCO) to determine if a food has the nutrient content necessary to fully support the four stages of life; the gestation, lactation, growth and maintenance stages.  A food with this classification may be used for a pet in any of these life stages so long as the correct amount is fed.   We are pleased to say that RAWZ meets these guidelines.  Please see our bag for specific feeding instructions.


Are the high protein levels in RAWZ healthy for pets?


The notion that high protein diets cause kidney failure in dogs has been mostly discounted as marketing hype and a myth.   The National Research Council has found that no upper level is known for dogs and cats and countless studies published over the last decade have roundly debunked the high protein myth (often fueled by multinational and marketing companies that still produce or sell low-protein, grain-based foods).

There is simply no data suggesting high protein diets cause any short or long-term harm to pets. 


What is the optimal fat level?

A healthy diet includes an optimum fat level. Fat is a good source of energy and allows the body to utilize fat-soluble vitamins. Animals need some fat in their diets in order to have a shiny coat, healthy skin and to avoid other potential health problems. With over 60% of the dogs in the US being obese, optimum fat levels are needed - not too high, not too low. What is the right level of fat for your pet? The answer is, "It depends." Every animal is different, and fat level is not the only consideration - a healthy diet requires a thoughtful combination of minimally processed nutrients including protein, fat, fiber, and carbohydrates. The fats in RAWZ are naturally occurring in the poultry and fish in our recipes; they are not added rendered (processed) fats.


How do I transition my pet over from his or her current food to RAWZ?

To transition, gradually mix in the new food over a 5-7 day period, increasing the amount of RAWZ® each day, so that you are feeding 100% RAWZ® by day 7.

Transition your dog gently! Please follow these general guidelines and your own common sense. When transitioning to a new food, it is important to pay attention to your pet’s stool. A healthy diet and good digestion should result in a stool that is formed but soft – not liquid and not rock hard.


How does RAWZ compare to other high-end, grain-free brands?

At RAWZ, we try not to compare ourselves with other dry food brands in terms of better or worse. RAWZ has a unique niche of its own – an alternative to raw, not just another high-end, grain-free kibble. The main differences that separate RAWZ from most brands, particularly in the U.S., are as follows:

  • Minimally processed
  • High-meat content
  • No rendered meals
  • No rendered added fats
  • No gums
  • Human grade-sourced ingredients
  • 100% profits donated

Are your dry foods gluten free?

Yes, our dry foods are gluten free. They contain no cereals, grains, or fillers. 


Why is the consistency/color of RAWZ food different from batch to batch?

RAWZ uses natural alternatives to highly processed ingredients. Using natural ingredients can result in color and consistency differences from batch to batch. 

EXAMPLE: Peanut butter – natural vs commercially driven.


Does RAWZ meet AAFCO standards?

All RAWZ formulas, (excluding TAPA & SA-SHI and 96% Dog Salmon Cans that should be used as toppers), are 100% complete and balanced per AAFCO standards. Here are the specific AAFCO criteria that each formula meets:

  • RAWZ Meal Free Dry and LID Dry Dog & Cat Food – 100% complete and balanced for All Life Stages*, including the growth of large sized dogs (70 lbs. or more as an adult)
  • RAWZ 96% Meat Canned Dog & Cat Food – 100% complete and balanced for All Life Stages, including the growth of large sized dogs (70 lbs. or more as an adult)
  • RAWZ Shredded Canned Cat Food – 100% complete and balanced for Maintenance*
  • Aujou by RAWZ Shredded Cat and Dog Food Pouches – 100% complete and balanced for Maintenance.
  • RAWZ Shredded in Broth Canned Dog Food – 100% complete and balanced for Maintenance.
  • RAWZ Hunks in Broth Canned Dog Food – 100% complete and balanced for Maintenance.
  • TAPA & SA-SHI is not 100% complete and balanced – intended for supplemental feeding only.


*All Life Stages = Kitten, Puppy, Adult, Gestation & Lactation

*Maintenance = Adult only


What is the difference between As Fed percentages and Dry Matter percentages?

As Fed is the nutrient percentage in the finished product, moisture included. Dry Matter is the nutrient percentage when moisture is not included. Because moisture content can vary so much from one formula to the next, especially when comparing a wet food to a dry food, Dry Matter can give you a more accurate percentage when comparing multiple recipes.


Is RAWZ appropriate for my pet with a health condition?

RAWZ is not formulated as a prescription diet. We cannot make any recommendations when it comes to animals with specific health conditions. We encourage our consumers to consult a veterinarian or animal nutritionist if their animal has unique needs. We will provide as much information as possible about our products so that our consumers can make informed decisions under the supervision of a qualified veterinarian or animal nutritionist, but we cannot offer specific medical advice. 

RAWZ is a member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHMVA). While we value the work of all veterinarians, we feel that the nutritional approach of holistic and integrative veterinarians aligns closely to our philosophies. If you would like to search for a holistic or integrative veterinarian in your area, or if you are interested in knowing more about their practices in general, please visit their website – AHVMA.



Is RAWZ good for cats with diabetes?

Our dry is certified low glycemic by the Glycemic Institute and is the ideal dry food for diabetic cats. She is not going to find a dry food lower in carbs because you need starch to hold the food together in the manufacturing process. Our high meat protein, moderate fat and low carb formula checks all the boxes for diabetic pets. 

Our carb content is around 23%. The as fed and dry matter numbers on dry food are very similar as there is only 10% moisture in our dry foods. With that said, the carb % shouldn't be considered alone, but also the types of carbs. We only use tapioca starch and peas combined with our high animal ingredient inclusions yields a very low glycemic load. Low glycemic load is really what we look for when feeding diabetic pets.

The fenugreek in the 96% cans is a recommended ingredient for diabetic people and pets.


Why is there more variance in RAWZ canned formulas than other RAWZ formulas?

Although we see variance in all our formulas, the variance can be most apparent in our canned pâté recipes. This is because we use natural fenugreek seeds in place of commercially prepared, highly processed gums. Most brands of canned food can offer the same uniform consistency, batch after batch, because they use commercial gums to bind their food. Gums are highly processed and contain no nutritional value, which is why RAWZ chose to seek an alternative. Fenugreek seeds offer the same binding properties as gums, but also offer a large plethora of health benefits. Although the benefit of using fenugreek seeds instead of gums significantly outweighs the cons, the batch variance can be inconvenient from time to time. Extreme temperatures can affect the texture of the food, where products containing gums would not be affected, and we sometimes see variance that is beyond what we would consider normal or reasonable. We are happy to work with your retailer to exchange the product if your dog or cat should refuse the food for whatever reason.



Is your food GMO free?

RAWZ does not claim to be GMO-Free.   Non-GMO claims are likely to be misleading.  Without the USDA Organic label, you cannot be sure that every ingredient is not only itself GMO free, but also that any animal products included are from animals that were fed exclusively GMO free grains.   We cannot be sure in all instances that this will be the case, so we do not make the claim.


Why do you use natural tocopherols?

Tocopherols are naturally found in vegetable oils, nuts, fish and leafy green vegetables.  People and animals are unable to synthesize Vitamin E, so it needs to be included in the diet.  Natural Mixed Tocopherols are a good source of Vitamin E, and they are also useful in preserving the taste and preventing the oxidation of many foods that contain oils and fats. 


Why is there no added glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate?

Our products contain naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate derived from the poultry and fish in our products and is included on our guaranteed analysis.  We believe if your pet requires additional glucosamine or chondroitin sulfate, a concentrated supplement should be added to their diet.


Why include a combination of dehydrated chicken and fresh poultry in RAWZ?

The high concentration of high quality protein in dehydrated chicken combined with the benefits of fresh poultry allow for the highest level of fresh poultry in a higher-protein, low carb dry food without the use of rendered meals.


What is dehydrated deboned chicken?

Dehydrated deboned chicken is simply real deboned chicken with the water removed.  As such it is a highly concentrated (3x the amount of protein on a dry matter basis), highly digestible source of protein and essential amino acids that also provide essential fatty acids, vitamins and certain minerals for muscle development, organ function, and energy.


What is dehydrated chicken?

Our dehydrated chicken starts with fresh USDA & FSIS inspected chicken.  The chicken is gently cooked at a low temperature to remove most of the moisture; the resulting dehydrated chicken is a very high quality concentrated protein source.


Why is there no added rendered chicken fat?

RAWZ® has 12% fat naturally present, which we feel is a thoughtful level of fat for today’s moderately active pet.  Most rendered fats are added as an economical way to enhance palatability; RAWZ®  is highly palatable without the excess added fats.  Many of our pets are overweight; we feel that the lower fat content and having only naturally occurring fats is a healthier option.


Why are there no potatoes in RAWZ?

Our preference is for pea starch and tapioca over potatoes.  These starches present a lower risk of allergic reactions and have lower carbohydrate content and a lower glycemic index.  Foods with a high glycemic index like potatoes may cause blood sugar levels to spike, which can present a significant health problem for some dogs.


Why do you use pea starch?

Pea starch is an excellent source of starch, because it is highly digestible for both dogs and cats.  Peas have a relatively high level of insoluble fiber, which can help provide a feeling of fullness and aid passage of food through the digestive tract. 


Why do you use tapioca starch?

Tapioca is a good choice for many reasons: unlike grains and potatoes, tapioca has a relatively low glycemic index, and it is gluten-free.  Tapioca is a good carbohydrate source for many allergy sufferers as well, because tapioca is virtually devoid of protein and is less likely to cause immune-mediated reactions like those observed in animals fed grain-based diets.


Why no fruits, vegetables, or additives?

The benefit of these ingredients is minimal when added to a formula in the micro levels of many foods on the market; some of these micro levels can be almost completely cooked off in the manufacturing process.  We believe in adding fruits and veggies directly to your pet's food if needed.  Specific to prebiotic and probiotic, if your vet recommends adding these microorganisms, they should be added through supplementation at the correct concentration.


Does RAWZ use grass fed beef? Cage free chicken? What about hormones and antibiotics?

RAWZ only uses grass fed and free-range beef and lamb, and cage free chicken, (the chickens are not free range). The animals are raised cleanly and treated humanely. There is an inspection company our suppliers use to audit this and the USDA also certify this. Their purpose is to: Ensure the humane treatment of animals covered by the Animal Welfare Act.

Under FDA rule, hormones are banned from poultry products, so no chicken should ever contain hormones, whether they claim hormone-free or not. The rules are different when it comes to antibiotics, and they are also different when referring to beef products. All RAWZ meat products – poultry, beef, lamb, etc. – are free from added hormones and antibiotics.


Does RAWZ use wild caught or farmed fish products?

All RAWZ recipes containing fish ingredients use wild caught fish.


Is RAWZ Grain Free? If so, why is it not mentioned on packaging?

All RAWZ products are grain free. In today’s health-conscious pet food industry, we feel as though it goes without saying that our products are grain free. We try not to overwhelm the packaging with too much information, as there is a lot to say about our products. Our website is a great resource for additional information not found on our packaging.


How much of the protein percentage in RAWZ Dry Food comes from meat sources?

RAWZ Meal Free Dry Dog & Cat Food – 90+%, RAWZ LID Dry Dog Food – 40+%


Where are RAWZ ingredients sourced?

The ingredients of our US-made products are primarily sourced from the USA and Canada. The ingredients in our Thailand-made products are primarily sourced from Thailand. Although there are some exceptions in each category, absolutely no ingredients ever come from China. Please refer to the Ingredient Sourcing Page of our website for complete ingredient sourcing information.


What are the Natural Flavors?

We use Natural Flavors to maximize palatability, basting on the outside of the kibble. Our Natural Flavors are non-synthetic, meaning the source of the natural flavor is always either a meat or vegetable. They are comprised of roasted meats or vegetables with all water, bone & fat residues removed. The source of each natural flavor is on our website. To view, hover over the ingredient under “Our Recipe” on each of the product pages. There are no “surprise” proteins in the natural flavor i.e., Chicken flavor in the Duck formula, etc. We use single dehydrated proteins that mirror the recipe itself, for example turkey uses dehydrated turkey.


What is in the vegetable broth in RAWZ Wet Foods? Is it the same for all RAWZ recipes containing vegetable broth?

The vegetables used in RAWZ vegetable broth contains carrots, celery and mushrooms. All formulas containing vegetable broth use the same vegetable broth recipe. Our natural non allergenic (Hypoallergenic) vegetable broth is a non-GMO and contains non allergenic veggies, the broth is similar to a bullion base, we use dehydration cooking which eliminates any residual pollen that is related vegetable allergens. The no allergenic vegetable we use are a confidential recipe.


How does RAWZ ensure its products will not cause vitamin and/or mineral toxicity?

RAWZ works closely with highly respected veterinarian and animal nutritionists to formulate our recipes. We are always well within AAFCO’s guidelines for vitamin and mineral content. We make sure we meet the minimum for all necessary nutrients, but are careful not to exceed them, either. As RAWZ is not a prescription formula, it is always recommended that you seek the advice of your own veterinarian if your dog or cat suffers from a medical condition that would require a specific amount of certain nutrients.

Finding RAWZ


Where is RAWZ sold?

RAWZ will initially be available ONLY ON THE WEST AND EAST COASTS.

To find an authorized Independent Retailer near you, check our Where to Buy page on a weekly basis beginning May 2015. We will update this list every week; it will be the central place to find out where RAWZ is available! 


Why doesn’t RAWZ sell through e-Commerce channels or larger retailers?

While we certainly understand the value of e-Commerce and big box stores in today’s market, we prefer to support local independent retailers. Our brick-and-mortar pet specialty retailers put an enormous amount of time and energy into building the brand with us, and we want to support and grow their business as well.  We believe that pet specialty stores are the heart of their communities, and we want our products to be sold by those that know their customers and pets’ needs best. 

If you prefer to purchase online, you can find our products in limited retailers that also have brick and mortar locations. Some of our retailers sell online through their own privately managed online ordering and delivery sites. Visit our Where to Buy page for the full list of authorized retailers. 

If you purchase RAWS through unauthorized sites and sellers online, we cannot guarantee the quality or safety of those products. We have no way of knowing how they acquired the product and if it was handled and/or stored properly.  We only guarantee our products that have been purchased through authorized, independently owned retailers.

The RAWZ Philosophy


What does RAWZ use to naturally preserve their food?

Since RAWZ is a natural product, we use only natural tocopherols (a natural source of vitamin E) to preserve our food.


Is RAWZ a raw protein pet food?

Our food is cooked at temperatures high enough to ensure food safety, and not any higher. The cooking temperature is 170-175 degrees for approximately 1 minute. We use lower temperatures to protect the integrity of our ingredients.

  • RAWZ Meal Free Dry Food is cooked. 
  • RAWZ 96% Meat Canned Pâtés are cooked.
  • RAWZ Shredded Cans, Hunk Cans and Shredded Pouches are cooked.

What are meals and why doesn’t RAWZ use them?

The definition of Meal is the dry, rendered product from a combination of meat flesh and skin with or without accompanying bone, and derived from whole carcasses. The rendering process separates fat and removes water to create a concentrated protein product. Meals are highly processed and can contain 3D meat (meat from dead, diseased or dying animals). Meal is always considered unfit for human consumption.

RAWZ is a firm believer in never using any rendered ingredients. Although meals make good economical options for concentrated protein and some meals are better than others, the protein quality of any meal is never going to surpass the quality of a dehydrated meat. The Protein Efficiency Ratio (P.E.R. – a measurement that represents the nutritional benefit of a protein to an animal) of dehydrated chicken is 98%, whereas the P.E.R. of chicken meal is only 58%. Although two recipes can claim 40% protein on their Guaranteed Analysis the protein in the food using dehydrated meat as opposed to rendered meal is going to be almost twice as beneficial to the animal.


Are RAWZ products tested for safety?

RAWZ Dry Foods are tested for pathogens or contaminants multiple times throughout the process, from start to finish, and we have never had a positive test result. Canned foods and pouches undergo a different cooking process that does not require testing of the finished product. Sterilized cans and pouches are filled with the raw ingredients, which are cooked within the packaging at a temperature guaranteed to destroy all pathogens. The cans and pouches are sealed during the cooking process and the finished product is never exposed to the elements, eliminating the possibility for contamination. This is true for all canned products.


At what temperatures are your foods cooked?

Our foods are cooked at temperatures high enough to ensure food safety, and not any higher. The cooking temperature is 170-175 degrees for approximately 1 minute. Because we use such high-quality ingredients, we do not have to use extreme temperatures to ensure safety. Just the opposite, in fact – we use lower temperatures to protect the integrity of our ingredients.

General Questions


What does PER value mean?

PER stands for Protein Efficiency Ratio.  This is a traditional measure of the value of various proteins - some proteins are more accessible and useful to the body than others.  The higher the PER value of the protein, the greater benefit to the animal.


What's the Digestibility of RAWZ?

The digestibility of RAWZ averages 87.9%. Digestibility is the percentage of a foodstuff taken into the digestive tract that is absorbed into the body.  This high digestibility rating means that the nutrients in RAWZ are directly benefiting your pet.


Why are no supplements (beyond vitamins and minerals) added to your food?

If a pet requires specific supplementation for a dietary or medical need, we feel you will get the best results by adding the right supplement in the correct amount to your pet’s diet.  If you are not sure what supplements your pet could benefit from, we recommend that you ask the pet food expert at your pet specialty store or your veterinarian.


Where do your RAWZ Fund profits go?

RAWZ donates 100% of its profits through the RAWZ Fund to service dog training and placement programs as well as traumatic brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation programs. They are listed below:


How do you transition to RAWZ?

As with any new food, it is best to transition to RAWZ gently – we recommend a 7-day period. Day one should be very little RAWZ mixed in with the current diet, increasing the amount of RAWZ and decreasing the amount of the current diet each day, until you are feeding 100% RAWZ by day seven. If there are any signs of digestion issues during the transition, slow the transition by reducing the amount of RAWZ and extending the transition period by a handful of days. Be sure your dog drinks plenty of water throughout the transition.


How do you store RAWZ?

Unopened RAWZ Cans and Pouches should be kept in a cool, dry area, away from heat or direct sunlight. Once opened, leftovers should be stored in a separate, airtight container in the refrigerator and used within three days. 


How long does RAWZ last once opened?

RAWZ Dry Foods are freshest within the first few weeks of opening. Removing excess air from the package before sealing, and storing in a cool, dry area will extend the shelf life of the opened product to at least 3 months.

RAWZ Canned Foods should be refrigerated and consumed within 3 days of being opened.


Are RAWZ cans BPA free?

Yes, any portion of our cans that touches your pet’s food is BPA free. Your product’s label should read “No BPA Used in Can Linings.”


How much does RAWZ Meal Free Dry Food cost to feed a 50 lb. dog?

There are about 80 cups of dry food in a 20 lb. bag of RAWZ Dry Dog Food.

Our MSRP is $119.99 as of April 2023.

Divide $119.99 by 80 = $1.499 per cup of food

Refer to recommended feeding amount per day for dog’s weight

Multiply cost per cup by recommended daily feeding amount = Cost to feed per day.

Example – 50 lb. Dog

20 lb. bag =$119.99/80 cups = $1.499 per cup

Recommended cups per day = 2

$1.499 x 2 = $2.99 per day


Does RAWZ have a veterinarian on staff?

The RAWZ team does not include a veterinarian on a full-time employee basis, but we do employ one of the top veterinarian nutritionists in the USA as a consultant to formulate our products. BSM Partners: https://www.dcmresearchproject.org/


Why is RAWZ so expensive? Does RAWZ offer any coupons?

Although the price sticker looks high, RAWZ is not as expensive as it seems. Because the product is so densely packed with necessary nutrition, you do not have to feed as much as you would with inexpensive brands. The cost to feed RAWZ Meal Free Dry Food to a 50 lb. dog is about $2.99 per day. When you consider the cost of our ingredients, you are getting a great deal. Our ingredients are inherently more expensive than our competitors’ (dehydrated chicken vs. rendered chicken meal, fenugreek seeds vs. commercial gums, etc.), but we chose to price them similarly to our competitors so they would still be accessible to consumers. 

As an additional food for thought, feeding a higher quality food will keep your pet healthy, with an overall better quality of life. A healthier pet will have fewer veterinary bills, which can get extremely costly over the course of an animal’s life. RAWZ donates 100% of its profits to service dog training and placement programs as well as traumatic brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation programs.  Because of our 100% profit donation, finding room in our budget for manufacturer coupons is a challenge. Consumers are encouraged to inquire with their retailer to see if they have any special deals to take advantage of.  Our products are priced to cover the cost of production and just a bit more to support our causes. 

Because we are not motivated by profits, you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth with RAWZ.  Our mission is to improve the lives of people and pets, not line the pockets of wealthy shareholders.  RAWZ is, and always will be, 100% family owned.  You can use these links to read more about The Scott Family’s history and mission, as well as the story behind the RAWZ Fund.


Does RAWZ offer employee feeding / frequent buyer / breeder programs?

RAWZ does not have any built-in programs currently. As a company that donates 100% of its profits, our ability to offer special programs is limited.

Frequent Buyer Inquiry – Please inquire with your local retailer to see if they have any in-store deals that you can take advantage of.

Employee Feeding / Breeder Program - What we can do is put you in touch with the sales rep from your territory and see if there are any special arrangements that can be made.

(Get name, business/organization name, location, phone number and email – share with sales rep for that territory.)


Why does RAWZ use a Thailand facility for its shredded products?

As much as we would like to have all our foods produced in the USA, it turns out that the Thailand-based company, Chotiwat, is the best when it comes to shredded formulas.  Some people get concerned when it comes to products from that area of the globe, but please know that Thailand’s regulations are not anything like China’s, and Chotiwat does not source any ingredients from China. Thailand has some of the strictest regulations when it comes to quality and safety, even more so than the U.S. in some cases, in fact.  We choose all our partners carefully, and we chose Chotiwat for our shredded products because of how impressed we were with their immaculate facility and the laundry list of certificates and awards of recognition for their high-quality production.  You can rest assured that our shredded products from Thailand are of the highest quality and safety.  Just about all other highly reputable brands that produce shredded products also use Thailand-based manufacturing facilities.