Beverly Dog Spa

Gabe the Husky lying on a porch

Yesterday afternoon I took a ride down to Beverly to visit one of our trusted retailers at The Dog Spa on Enon st. Ruth at The Dog Spa was one of the first stores to bring on RAWZ and it was great to see the product beautifully displayed on the shelves. I brought a great friend from the Krempels Center along for the trip with me. Not only was it nice to have some company on the ride from Maine, but it allowed me to give her a tour of the Scott family's hometown.

It was fun pointing out the house my dad and his siblings grew up in. I made a surprise visit to my Aunt Diane, who lives in the same house that the family eventually moved to, but unfortunately I missed her. The highlight of the day was seeing the beautiful RAWZ display at The Dog Spa. It's great to know pets on the North Shore are able to enjoy RAWZ because The Dog Spa has joined us in providing The Next Best Thing to Feeding Raw!