"Dad, is everything alright with you and Mom?"

Gabe the Husky lying on a porch

Please don't be alarmed by this posts title. However, it's completely understandable why seeing such a question posed to a father by a child could raise an eyebrow. And no, RAWZ hasn't decided that a way to carry out the part of our mission involving improving people's' lives is to help communications with children around marital struggle. I just hoped to share a quick story with you that will hopefully bring a smile to your face.

While no relationship is perfect, I am truly grateful that my parents' marriage has provided me with phenomenal support and in awe of how much they love and respect each other. And despite having well-behaved, fully subordinate children, I can assure you life hasn't always been "smooth sailing" for my Co-Bosses! From my father's not having enough money to cover the tab on their first date, both working crazy hours, my mom dressing as Old Mother Hubbard herself for trade shows, the years have certainly provided plenty of ups and downs.

While I can't completely understand the anguish of watching my own children face challenges, I am amazed by how they've remained their unbelievably supportive selves while keeping their marriage strong through both Andy and my injuries. Through it all, I've developed tremendous confidence in the strength of their marriage. With this as the backdrop, one will understand why I was concerned when during a two day stay at their house a couple of years ago I found my dad on the living room couch each morning!     

My dad joined me on my morning walk with Clooney so I asked, "Why have you been sleeping on the couch, is everything alright with you and mom?" While I didn't fear some marital problem had forced my dad to the couch, his reply instantly put me at ease: "Actually Jim, Clooney must dream a lot because he's constantly moving his legs and kicking me. I couldn't really sleep so I moved to the couch." When I asked why he didn't just move Cloon to the floor, my dad explained, "because he was sound asleep." 

If that's not living the RAWZ mission, at least  the "improving the lives of pets" part, I don't know what is?