Heat Safety

The warm weather brings some danger along with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with your pet.  However, with some simple precautions, summer can mean a lot of fun!  The Humane Society of the United States recommends the following:

Never Leave a pet in a parked car                                                                                                                     

On an 85 degree day a car left with it's window cracked will reach 102 degrees in 10 minutes and 120 degrees only 20 minutes after that.  It's not just the heat, but also the humidity that is dangerous.  On humid days, a dogs ability to release heat by removing moisture from their lungs by panting is greatly diminished.

Limit Exercise

Try to limit outdoor walks and playtime to the early morning and evening hours.  Additionally, if possible have your pet's exercise take place on grass as asphalt can get extremely hot.  Like humans, pets need breaks for both hydration and rest.

Don't rely on a fan

Fans don't cool pets anywhere as effectively as humans.

Provide ample shade and water

Anytime your pet is outside, be sure to provide cool, clean water.  All shade is not created equal.  An optimal shaded spot allows air to circulate.  In fact, some doghouses can actually magnify heat levels.

With some simple steps summer can be enjoyable for both you and your pets!