RAWZ's primary purpose!

Gabe the Husky lying on a porch

As I've mentioned in previous posts, probably my favorite part of working at RAWZ is the frequent interactions I get to have with our customers. I love hearing about your pets and trying to figure out how one of our premium products can meet a nutritional need they have. I must admit, I get passionate about RAWZ and can get a bit verbose. Whether about our phenomenal products or the cause-based reason we're in business, communicating RAWZ's mission of helping people and pets to people is something that I love!

Sometimes people are taken aback when they read that we donate 100% of our profits and ask, "So are you a charity then?" Well the answer to that is no. RAWZ began with the belief that a raw diet, when fed correctly is the most beneficial way to feed a pet. The cornerstone of this belief lies in protein quality and how heat reduces the efficiency or usability of protein to pets. So while raw is the best, due to the high cost of nutritionally complete raw diets and the difficulty/cost of making a truly, homemade raw diet with all the necessary components, RAWZ was formulated to be THE NEXT BEST THING TO FEEDING RAW!

"And the RAWZ Fund...how does that fit in?", you ask. As is detailed on our website, following both the boys unfortunate accidents and our success with pet food going all the way back to the 1960's beginning with "Grampy" and Old Mother Hubbard, we found ourselves with the desire and opportunity to give back. With years of experience in, and a passion for animal nutrition, helping people and pets became our mission! While the thought of sharing the great fortune we've had with pets and our involvement with our RAWZ Fund partners certainly provides great motivation to keep working to get RAWZ into your pet's bowl: The drive to provide pets' phenomenal nutrition products remains primary.