So you're not the best?

Gabe the Husky lying on a porch

As I visit stores in Maine and the NH Seacoast, one common question is commonly asked. Why would the RAWZ company claim to be "The next Best Thing to Feeding Raw"? I can really understand the surprise of both retailers and pet owners to see that at Rawz we claim to be second best! Truth be told, we spent quite a bit of time debating whether or not readily admitting being "the next best thing" was a smart move. Although completely unorthodox, we felt we owed it to pet owners to be truthful. To be perfectly accurate, the slogan should be followed with, "when fed correctly". However, the longer statement just didn't seem to fit. The truth is, to feed raw correctly takes three valuable resources; time, money, and knowledge. To craft a truly raw diet typically costs around 18 to 20 dollars a pound. Add to that the food safety issues to the pet and their human companions of handling raw meat; coupled with the combination of time and animal nutrition knowledge making a nutritionally complete diet takes, and you have formidable barriers to feeding raw.
RAWZ is a completely new category of food! By using dehydrated chicken as our concentrated protein source rather than a rendered meal, the industry standard, we bring your pet a minimally processed food. RAWZ can be fed as a nutritionally complete diet or as the perfect complement for the person mixing raw with a grain free kibble.