"That's a lot of Salt!"

Gabe the Husky lying on a porch

     One of the great parts of my job is meeting a lot of customers and associates at our trusted retail partners.  My memory certainly leaves much to be desired (just ask my parents) but when I get asked the same question multiple times, I recognize its' importance.   The observation that multiple ingredients with words like salt, chloride, and sodium; appear on multiple occasions in our ingredient decks located on the side of our bags raises the concern about salt content.  The simple explanation is that often these are micro ingredients with only trace amounts present in the food.  So why are they even in there you ask?  In order to formulate RAWZ as a complete and balanced diet, vitamins and minerals are added to the recipe as they are to all nutritionally complete foods.  Many of these important minerals, as is usually the case concerning salts, are best delivered via compounds containing salt.  However, with only trace amounts of these nutrients needed for optimal animal health, the total amount of sodium in RAWZ stays at a healthy level to balance a pet's vital functions like hydration, blood pressure, and nervous signal transmission.