Transitioning to RAWZ!

Gabe the Husky lying on a porch

I added a exclamation point next to this title's post because we're talking about your dog or cat beginning to eat "The Next Best Thing to Feeding Raw!" Both dogs and cats have sensitive digestive tracts. This sensitivity of their digestive systems coupled with the tendency for pets to eat a very routinized diet, makes transitioning them to RAWZ gradually extremely important for a couple of reasons:

-A high meat content makes RAWZ extremely palatable and pets tend to eat extremely fast which may cause stomach upset

-RAWZ's nutritional profile mirrors a raw diet and may differ from your pets current food resulting in differing digestive processes

We have found the best way to transition to RAWZ is to gradually mix in RAWZ over a 5-7 day period so that you are feeding 100% RAWZ by day seven. A chart outlining the specifics of the suggested transition are provided within the feeding guidelines on our site.