What is Protein Efficiency Ratio?

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Perhaps the most important thing to know about protein is that it is a building block of living tissue. Animal foods like chicken are typically high in protein with the essential amino acids pets need to make use of protein molecules. Of course, not all proteins are created equal. Protein Efficiency Ratio (P.E.R.) measures the nutritive value of protein sources. The higher the P.E.R. value of a protein, the more beneficial it is to the animal.

RAWZ uses only dehydrated chicken as our concentrated protein source. Our dehydrated chicken is USDA and FSIS approved and has a much higher P.E.R. Value (Protein Efficiency Ratio) than rendered meals. It is gently dehydrated at much lower temperatures, to help retain protein and amino acids by keeping the protein in a more natural state. Rendered meals such as chicken meal, turkey meal, or lamb meal provide a good economical source of concentrated protein; but Dehydrated Chicken is a far superior concentrated protein from an identified, high quality source.