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Tazz Latifi

Founder and Owner of The Petropolist

I am the founder and owner of The Petropolist, which specializes in a holistic approach to animal health and wellness through the use of individualized, species-appropriate nutrition.

As a kid diagnosed with T1 diabetes, I was driven to understand food and its vital importance in health and wellness. For 25 years, while my work in the corporate world of consumer packaging paid the bills, I spent every free moment volunteering and working in companion-animal-related businesses and organizations and learning about species-appropriate nutrition for our cats and dogs.

I received my certification in holistic pet nutrition form the American Academy of Natural Sciences, and I continue my education through continuing education courses, traveling and touring pet industry manufacturing facilities, researching the ins and outs of food and animal wellness, attending lectures and seminars relevant to my field.

I am not a veterinarian, my goal in setting up the nutrition and pet health counseling site, The Petropolist, was to empower pet owners to take their pets’ health and well being into their own hands. By understanding and learning the best way to care for your pets using whole foods, supplementation where necessary and knowing what questions to ask in order to get the best care and information from your veterinarians and pet professionals, so you can truly have the comfort of knowing that your pet’s health needs are properly met and addressed.

I am armed with extensive knowledge of brands and the companies that make, market, and sell them, and more than a decade of hands-on experience with direct consumer contact. Coupling this with my work as a buyer within the industry enables me to speak with confidence and intimate familiarity about the ever-confusing pet food industry, and how millions of pet food consumers perceive the market and choose their pet products.  

I’m a believer in proper nutrition and the tremendous value it can bring to the lives of both humans and animals.  There should always be a whole body approach when it comes to caring for our pets and by spending time with owners like you, who care so deeply for your animals, I can guide you toward making confident choices for your pet’s well being through the use of the proper foods for their individual needs.  This complete and balanced approach has been the way I have managed my life and the lives of the animals that have graced me with their presence and I hope to get the opportunity to share this knowledge with you.