Ingredient question?

Gabe the Husky lying on a porch

At RAWZ, we're extremely proud of our recipes. We spent nearly two years developing diets centered on real, minimally processed, protein rich ingredients providing the next best thing to feeding raw! By listing the first six and seven ingredients of each formula on the front of our bags, RAWZ proudly puts the primary ingredients of our food front and center. In a few chats I've had with customers a couple of questions keep coming up: Why list two types of dehydrated chicken and what's the nutritional difference between the two? At first glance it almost seems like semantics to list each ingredient distinctly; however, there is an important nutritional reason that we use each form of dehydrated chicken. To get the optimum levels of calcium and phosphorous to provide pets with a nutritionally complete and balanced diet, we blend two forms of dehydrated chicken, one containing and one excluding bones. Both types come from USDA and FSIS inspected chickens that are edible for humans.

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