Committed to the funding of service dogs

The Scott family supports the powerful bond between dogs and their human companions by donating 10% of their profits to NEADS.


We personally understand how vital dogs can be to living a satisfying life. After both of our sons, Andy and Jimmy, suffered injuries due to accidents, our family's yellow lab Boomer helped all of us get through that incredibly difficult time. We will be forever grateful for the spiritual impact that Boomer had on our sons and our whole family.

After this experience, we wanted to help provide that same powerful and positive support to other people struggling with injury or disability. We found NEADS, a wonderful organization that provides service dogs to veterans suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), people who are hearing-impaired or who suffer from physical disability, as well as to children with autism.

The astounding canines of NEADS provide life-changing independence, companionship, and connection for people with a disability. Dogs are matched with a client through a painstaking process to ensure the very best match for their needs and lifestyle.

Since 1976, NEADS has trained over 1500 assistance dog teams and has received 13 consecutive 4-star ratings from Charity Navigator. With no federal funding, and a cost of approximately $25,000 to produce a single service dog, it’s extremely important to have benefactors and supporters who believe in the mission and exhibit the passion to be part of producing the very best services dogs.

RAWZ is excited to have donated $50,000.00 to NEADS and will continue to support this organization with 10% of all our profits.