A Letter from the Scott Family

9 years and $3.2million donated later…


For many people seeing a particular month appear on the calendar can symbolize the beginning of a new chapter or season of their life. Whether it’s an upcoming holiday, social event, birthday, or even busy period in one area of their lives; with each page flip, human beings seem to bring their focus to a totally different task or chapter. For those in the Pet Food Industry, the shift to a new business year and certainly the dawn of spring is perhaps most accurately signaled by Global Pet Expo. Global, “presented by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA), is the pet industry's premier event featuring the newest, most innovative pet products on the market today.” Hosted annually at the Orange County Convention Center featuring 1000+ presenting companies across 3500 booths: Global is where distributors, independent retailers, mass and chain buyers all gather to discuss pet supply ranging from reptiles to horses.

Along with the unofficial start of a new year in pet specialty retail called Global, hopefully improving weather up here in New England, and my Boss/Dad/Friend Jim Jr’s birthday; March brings a time of reflection for us at RAWZ. It was in March of 2015 in a somewhat hidden hotel conference room where baby RAWZ made its’ debut! Why not on the main floor in the new product showcase you ask? I mean isn’t the goal of a launch to raise awareness and gain visibility?

One word, bandwidth. That’s right limited capacity on multiple levels dictated a much more limited, controlled launch. As a small, 100% cause-based endeavor we had very little manpower along with a zero dollar marketing budget. Having already decided on an authorized- only, limited, independent pet-specialty retail distribution strategy, the last thing we wanted to do was generate unmeetable expectations, or perhaps worse, have no one come to our party!

So the entire RAWZ team met with some independents we had identified as being good fits for RAWZ. While I like to think my humor and amazing presentation skills were the main draw, the family’s established success in animal nutrition was probably why anyone showed up to begin with. While the benefits of minimally processing were beginning to overtake the market, it wasn’t the unique formulas and ingredient quality RAWZ offered that seemed to capture attendees attention. In fact, it was the opportunity to use premium pet nutrition as a way to improve lives that seemed to create the most excitement!

Let’s pause and look at some numbers. At the beginning, RAWZ’s 5 person team included a mom, dad, son (middle child no less), Brad, who’s still our VP of Sales, and an office manager. We settled into our hidden hotel conference room for a couple of days in which we presented our unique, albeit limited product line. The response was good and left us feeling excited that we might be able to help people and pets moving forward! So what’s come of it you ask?

After 9 years, with the help of many independent retail partners, distributors, an incredible group of RAWZ teammates, and most importantly, the pet parents who trust us with feeding their pets, it’s with immense gratitude that we reflect. With $500,000 donated this year, RAWZ has been able to donate $3.2 million dollars to 13 incredible non-profit partners focused on improving the lives of those living with life-altering disability and cat rescues since 2015.

Click here for a full description of the RAWZ Fund and it’s activities. Even better, to join us in improving the lives of people and pets through minimally processed nutrition find your closest authorized RAWZ retail partner and discover our full line of pet nutrition offerings for both cats and dogs.