Gabe the Husky lying on a porch

At RAWZ Natural Pet Food, the appreciation of the power an animal can have on their human companions isn't just an abstract thought, but a deep-felt reality.  We always enjoy seeing positive stories showing this powerful relationship, particularly when our wonderful service dog training partner NEADS is involved.  Channel 7 Boston recently profiled one such story about Warren, a NEADS trained dog.  Warren is a 2 year old black lab who lives and works with Salisbury, MA educator Jenn Caliri assisting students with social and emotional difficulties.  When Ms. Caliri noticed a growth on Warren's eyelid, her and the school's response has been moving.  See the story at www.whdh.com/story/29365069/saliisbury-school-raising-money-for-therapy-dogs-surgery.  This is just another example of the power of an animal working in people's lives!  Good luck Warren and nice job to the Salisbury Middle School community!!!