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When a pet "just knows"!

As a pet food company, we here at RAWZ obviously love our pets. It never ceases to amaze me how much they love us back and some of the ways that this shows are amazing. My dog Clooney is a 3 year old lab. Since I've had him Clooney has been crazy about my brother Andy. As a puppy, Clooney was fascinated with Andy's wheelchair and loved to sit in Andy's lap and be rolled around my parents house.

I only bring this up because Andy just had surgery and although everything looks good, he's had to spend the majority of his time in his bedroom. Well, despite having avoided the stairs for the last two years, Clooney has started venturing up to Andy's room to sit next to him. I really think he missed Andy and didn't want him to be alone. Either that or he was jealous of all the cuddle time Andy's Golden, Sophie, was getting and pushed through his fear of stairs!

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Written by:
Jim Scott
A third-generation RAWZ family member, Jim spreads the word of optimal pet nutrition through in-store product demos and regular articles for the RAWZ blog. After sustaining a traumatic brain injury in 2006, Jim began participating in the writing program at the Krempels Center in Portsmouth, NH. Writing was a way to process and heal from his injury — but Jim realized he could also use this skill to spread awareness of the RAWZ brand and mission. Jim covers a range of pet health issues for the company blog, as well as more personal stories that connect to the causes RAWZ supports. His favorite thing to write about? People’s strong bonds with their pets.
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