RAWZ is an avid proponent of raw food for pets. We believe feeding raw is what nature intended - unaltered, pure nutrition. However, food safety is a common concern for those who would like to feed raw. RAWZ Freeze Dried Nutrition is cold-pressed, which locks in nutrients and removes harmful pathogens, all while maintaining the natural integrity of its raw ingredients.


Unlike any other freeze dried product on the market, RAWZ Freeze Dried is 100% Human Grade. We only use human grade ingredients and each recipe is carefully crafted in a USDA and FDA certified human grade facility.


RAWZ Freeze Dried Nutrition is comprised of 95% meats, organs and ground bones. The chicken is cage free, the beef and lamb are grass fed and none of the animals have been treated with hormones or any added antibiotics.

Made with organic vegetables like sweet potatoes, dandelion greens, parsley, broccoli, and spinach, these probiotic-fortified recipes offer your pet the absolute best in freeze dried nutrition.


We employ FDA-approved, High Pressure Processing (HPP) where harmful bacteria are removed, providing you with a safer option of raw food for your pet.


Our freeze drying process is a small-batch, gentle drying method that locks in nutrition and allows for natural, non-refrigerated shelf stability.


RAWZ Freeze Dried Nutrition is a 100% complete and balanced meal for dogs less than 70 lbs. Serve as is, rehydrate with warm water or use it as a topper on your dog’s favorite kibble.