June 2, 2019

Shot of motivation!

As enjoyable as communicating with the RAWZ community is, writing a blog presents challenges, such as avoiding repetition and combatting my inherent laziness (just ask my parents/bosses). While the latter may require a lifelong self improvement plan, avoiding repetition seems to be a two-headed foe. For one thing, it sometimes feels, as I'm sure some readers may agree, that I seem to speak ad nauseam about the benefits of minimal processing when it comes to pet nutrition. And while this may indeed be the case, it's a risk I feel is necessary taking in communicating RAWZ's commitment to healthier pets: Being a newer company with unique, 100% rendered-free offerings requires it.

As far as my often needing an extra push or touch of motivation to get writing, I may have found a solution for that as well! As one may guess, being a young (state of mind) son working for my parents isn't always easy. While being extremely close with a strong relationship, the lines between parent/child-boss/employee can become blurred. Fortunately, with my parents managing the big picture (and of course 2 new adorable grandchildren!), I'm not micro managed or feeling smothered. So without a boss lashing the whip what is it that keeps me motivated?

Like I've written about in past posts, I've spent this weekend in Rye, NY's American Yacht Club at this years' Robie Pierce One-Design Regatta; an adaptive sailing race held annually on Long Island Sound. As it is every year, the Robie is an absolute blast with plenty of inspiration to be garnered from the amazing spirits of all my fellow participants! I can't help but burst with gratitude for my friendship with fellow Krempels Center member Ted King that introduced me to sailing shortly after my TBI.

At the risk of the aforementioned repetition I mentioned, I must again speak of my gratitude for the opportunities for joy that I have. Not only are my spirits boosted at the Robie, but as an added benefit my knowledge of how our RAWZ Fund partners help others similarly enrich their lives' reinforces my motivation. I'm confident that in addition to providing pets with minimally processed nutrition options, the knowledge that together with RAWZ feeders, we're improving lives is all the motivation Team RAWZ needs!

March 1, 2019

Reminded Again!!!

As I sit here in Chicago's O'Hare Airport waiting to board a flight, albeit not too patiently, I find myself reflecting. I was invited to spend the weekend with some amazing people working on a project with Think First National National Injury Prevention. Think First, an amazing non-profit dedicated to "prevent(ing) brain, spinal cord and other traumatic injuries through education, research and advocacy" has a really synergistic mission to The RAWZ Fund: While we look to improve lives once an injury is sustained, Think First works to prevent these injuries.

Through my involvement with our Rawz Fund partners, trying to build a new life myself, and being inspired by Andy's journey, I'm blessed to recognize that while incredibly diverse, survivors of life-changing injuries are still human beings. Like most people we look for experiences that enrich our lives while seeking connection to others. So what does this have to do with minimally processed pet food and why am I writing this blog post?

I always like to say that the simplest way to state RAWZ's mission is that our aim is to improve lives! Sounds grandiose yes, but it is surprisingly simple; my family and the RAWZ team have committed to giving pets minimally processed nutrition options. By eating RAWZ's amazing products pets lives are improved, furthermore, RAWZ supports amazing non-profits enriching the lives of survivors of serious injury.

I can't express my level of gratitude for the life I've been afforded the opportunity to have and the amount of support I've received. It's an honor to be on the RAWZ team as we work to improve the lives of pets and people: We'd love for you and your pet to join us!

January 1, 2019

New Year, better nutrition!

I'm sure we're all familiar with making good old "New Years Resolutions!" While I'm very familiar with the idea, having made quite few (albeit unsuccessful) over the years; I thought I'd ask my wise all-knowing friend Wikipedia for a definition: "A New Year's resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life."

So what does this have to do with RAWZ? Since all pet lovers would assuredly agree that having a healthy pet brings great joy and improves their lives, by transference giving a pet better health through superior nutrition boosts the human partners' spirits as well. As the makers of our pet's dietary decisions, the opportunity of resolving to improve their health and well-being by feeding "The Next Best Thing to Feeding Raw" falls to us.

A question posed on our website is, "Why RAWZ"?: A great "WHY" could be a resolution for 2019 in that by improving your pet's diet by feeding THE NEXT BEST THING TO FEEDING RAW, both you and your pet's lives get better!

November 1, 2018

Vitamin B shortage!

Sometimes I forget that the whole world doesn't live inside the pet nutrition bubble I often find myself. This is probably a good thing considering that the all-encompassing news stories and trends flooding the market could lead to more confusion! One such topic has been that there is a worldwide-shortage of non-Chinese sourced vitamin B. This months' post will attempt to clarify the issue and let you know how RAWZ is addressing the shortage.

A logical question to ask is what caused this shortage? Since it's not as if the demand instantaneously exploded, as one can guess, there must be a supply issue. Remember though, we're talking about vitamin B that is not produced in China, who's the world's largest producer of such ingredients. No one is saying that China is inherently bad, just that when looking at recent history, it has been difficult ensure the quality and safety of Chinese ingredients.

So what happened? BASF, one of the largest producers of vitamins in Europe, suffered destructive fires at their german facility. This left DSM as the primary producer of Vitamins outside of China. Rather abruptly, DSM shifted all of their production to China. Business is business and a company has many reasons for any choice, but with our commitment to quality we wanted to find a solution while holding firm on our sourcing pledge.

In an effort to give pet owners peace of mind, RAWZ has pledged to not use any ingredients from China. So what have we done? Staying true to our promise, RAWZ has partnered with a Pharmaceutical-grade supplier from Poland to provide your pet with premium nutrition! While some choose to use Vitamin's made in China and simply shipped through Europe, RAWZ remains committed to our word.