July 31, 2019

Keeping pets safe in hot weather!

With the recent warm spell hitting the country we want to share these tips...The warm weather brings some danger along with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with your pet. However, with some simple precautions, summer can mean a lot of fun! The Humane Society of the United States recommends the following:

Never Leave a pet in a parked car

On an 85 degree day a car left with it’s window cracked will reach 102 degrees in 10 minutes and 120 degrees only 20 minutes after that. It’s not just the heat, but also the humidity that is dangerous. On humid days, a dogs ability to release heat by removing moisture from their lungs by panting is greatly diminished.

Limit Exercise Try to limit outdoor walks and playtime to the early morning and evening hours. Additionally, if possible have your pet’s exercise take place on grass as asphalt can get extremely hot. Like humans, pets need breaks for both hydration and rest.

Don’t rely on a fan: Fans don’t cool pets anywhere as effectively as humans.

Provide ample shade and water

Anytime your pet is outside, be sure to provide cool, clean water. All shade is not created equal. An optimal shaded spot allows air to circulate. In fact, some doghouses can actually magnify heat levels.

With some simple steps summer can be enjoyable for both you and your pets!

July 2, 2019

Holiday Reflection!!!

I find myself spending a lot of time during holidays reflecting on the years, seems to be more the decades nowadays, gone by. Maybe it's due to the lack of routine or the days off from work, but I suspect I'm not alone in this tendency to reflect. For me, the 4th of July is no different: It was July 4th, 2006 that I sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury. When I say that I reflect on it I use that term loosely, truth be told is that I have no memory of anything from around July 2nd, '06 or so until August 10th that year.

I suspect this post traumatic amnesia, as I've learned that this episodic memory loss is termed, has protected me from some really dark moments in my life. In fact, I can't imagine getting behind the wheel again if I remembered the crash after seeing what the car I was driving looked like! So what then do I mean by "reflect" you ask since it can't be analyzing past memories that don't exist?

Perhaps reflect isn't the appropriate word, and that something like "pause to think" or "self- examination" would fit better. However, it's not just myself that I seem to be looking at this Independence Day, but RAWZ Natural Pet Food itselfs' evolution since our launch over four years ago. While I certainly experience a sense of loss and some longing surrounding the changes in my life, the one overwhelming emotion I feel with both RAWZ's journey and my own is Gratitude.

In looking at my own experience, I'm amazed at the grace I've received in both my physical recovery and the unending social support people have shown my family and I. From the amazing acute medical care I received right after the crash, to the years of phenomenal inpatient and then outpatient therapeutic services I had, through the amazing life-enriching activities including adaptive recreation, and my ongoing membership at Krempels' Center, my heart is just filled to the brim! Was it my friends and family's unending support or the phenomenal services I received that put me on the road to living a rewarding life? Perhaps I'll never know, but I'm grateful to have had both!

While the journey of RAWZ may have been spawned by both Andy and my accidents, it is interesting that the grateful feeling I have surrounding my own recovery would be mirrored by those brought upon by reflecting on the life of RAWZ Natural Pet Food. Although when I really think about it, both journeys have really been preempted by the support of amazingly talented and committed individuals. I have to first acknowledge the incredible RAWZ team who works tirelessly to improve the lives of people and pets through minimally processed pet nutrition! All the different people; be they creative, production, animal nutrition, or simply the countless focus groups who participated in research, the whole has truly been greater than the sum of it's parts! (That Aristotle was on to something...)

I'd like to express all of us at RAWZ's gratitude to everyone who's played a role in our journey thus far. I know the Scott family feels tremendous gratitude to the RAWZ team for really personifying the RAWZ belief of "When Only The Best Will Do" and transferring it to our own work. Lastly, thank you to the pet loving RAWZ feeders and our amazing independent retail partners for joining the RAWZ Family!

June 2, 2019

Shot of motivation!

As enjoyable as communicating with the RAWZ community is, writing a blog presents challenges, such as avoiding repetition and combatting my inherent laziness (just ask my parents/bosses). While the latter may require a lifelong self improvement plan, avoiding repetition seems to be a two-headed foe. For one thing, it sometimes feels, as I'm sure some readers may agree, that I seem to speak ad nauseam about the benefits of minimal processing when it comes to pet nutrition. And while this may indeed be the case, it's a risk I feel is necessary taking in communicating RAWZ's commitment to healthier pets: Being a newer company with unique, 100% rendered-free offerings requires it.

As far as my often needing an extra push or touch of motivation to get writing, I may have found a solution for that as well! As one may guess, being a young (state of mind) son working for my parents isn't always easy. While being extremely close with a strong relationship, the lines between parent/child-boss/employee can become blurred. Fortunately, with my parents managing the big picture (and of course 2 new adorable grandchildren!), I'm not micro managed or feeling smothered. So without a boss lashing the whip what is it that keeps me motivated?

Like I've written about in past posts, I've spent this weekend in Rye, NY's American Yacht Club at this years' Robie Pierce One-Design Regatta; an adaptive sailing race held annually on Long Island Sound. As it is every year, the Robie is an absolute blast with plenty of inspiration to be garnered from the amazing spirits of all my fellow participants! I can't help but burst with gratitude for my friendship with fellow Krempels Center member Ted King that introduced me to sailing shortly after my TBI.

At the risk of the aforementioned repetition I mentioned, I must again speak of my gratitude for the opportunities for joy that I have. Not only are my spirits boosted at the Robie, but as an added benefit my knowledge of how our RAWZ Fund partners help others similarly enrich their lives' reinforces my motivation. I'm confident that in addition to providing pets with minimally processed nutrition options, the knowledge that together with RAWZ feeders, we're improving lives is all the motivation Team RAWZ needs!

March 1, 2019

Reminded Again!!!

As I sit here in Chicago's O'Hare Airport waiting to board a flight, albeit not too patiently, I find myself reflecting. I was invited to spend the weekend with some amazing people working on a project with Think First National National Injury Prevention. Think First, an amazing non-profit dedicated to "prevent(ing) brain, spinal cord and other traumatic injuries through education, research and advocacy" has a really synergistic mission to The RAWZ Fund: While we look to improve lives once an injury is sustained, Think First works to prevent these injuries.

Through my involvement with our Rawz Fund partners, trying to build a new life myself, and being inspired by Andy's journey, I'm blessed to recognize that while incredibly diverse, survivors of life-changing injuries are still human beings. Like most people we look for experiences that enrich our lives while seeking connection to others. So what does this have to do with minimally processed pet food and why am I writing this blog post?

I always like to say that the simplest way to state RAWZ's mission is that our aim is to improve lives! Sounds grandiose yes, but it is surprisingly simple; my family and the RAWZ team have committed to giving pets minimally processed nutrition options. By eating RAWZ's amazing products pets lives are improved, furthermore, RAWZ supports amazing non-profits enriching the lives of survivors of serious injury.

I can't express my level of gratitude for the life I've been afforded the opportunity to have and the amount of support I've received. It's an honor to be on the RAWZ team as we work to improve the lives of pets and people: We'd love for you and your pet to join us!