December 5, 2017

Choosing our focus

A trip to any pet store nowadays can be a dizzying experience. With many brands expressing why their products are the best with formulation tweaks to convince consumers that the food is a "perfect fit" for each pet's life-stage or breed. I don't doubt that most people working in animal nutrition love pets and strive to produce quality products; but with all the different messages putting value on varied aspects of nutrition products in the space, I thought I'd take a moment to reiterate our compass.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record in that I've previously blogged about "RAWZ's primary purpose!" being the health of your pet, I wanted to clarify what exactly that means. If you look carefully at some packaging out there, you'll be left confused as to what the manufacturer finds important. Some brands use what is often called the "everything, but the kitchen sink" theory of branding: the claims and attributes listed are so voluminous as to be sure to include the latest catch phrase! While I'm not here to minimize anyone's efforts to be different, RAWZ's only concern is the well being and internal health of your pet!

"So what about the RAWZ Fund and your causes?" you may ask. The truth is that while certainly providing the RAWZ team with motivation and the reward of seeing people benefit, the genesis of RAWZ was the acknowledgement of a need for a minimally-processed, premium alternative to feeding raw. While we're blessed to be able to give 100% of our profits to causes close to our hearts: Pets and their families deserved the wide gap from a nutritionally complete and balanced raw diet to the heavily processed products on the market be filled. Enter the Next Best Thing to Feeding Raw...RAWZ!

November 4, 2017

Gratitude Month!!!

It's probably not a great reflection on me, but it seems that I rarely take time to pause and just be grateful for the abundance of blessings in my life. While I am indeed very appreciative of how fortunate I am in so many ways; when the calendar turns to November each year and talk of gratitude seems to abound, I become much more aware of the grace around me.

I really do think gratitude is infectious! How else can I explain why I woke up at 5:15 on this chilly Saturday morning to the sound of Clooney begging for his RAWZ breakfast feeling grateful? This week at Krempels Center we talked about gratitude, citing national gratitude month in a creative art group when making gratitude journals on November 1st. I've been pleased to not have any difficulty recording something each day, albeit only a few days in now, but I may be noticing a trend :)

This got me thinking of the things RAWZ has to be grateful for, not just in regards to my involvement as an employee, but as a movement to help people and pets through minimally processed nutrition! While there is no shortage of groups deserving our thanks, I'd like to focus on two here: Our trusted independent retail partners (indies) and you the pet parent.

While my father has always had an affinity for indies and a value for the role they can play in promoting premium pet nutrition, as someone new to the business, I must say that I am on the learning curve. I'm beginning to see how big a role these hardworking independent, pet retail-store owners and their associates can play in providing pet parents not only great products, but also the information to make an informed decision. With RAWZ, our retail partners have embraced our commitment to protein quality and less processing's benefits to the health of the animal.

Obviously, the causes supported by 100% of RAWZ Natural Pet Food's profits hold tremendous personal meaning to all of us at the company, but seeing how most people involved with us so far (pet owners and retailers) have taken the cause-based initiative to heart has been moving! It is the pet parents who have taken the time to educate themselves about the benefits of minimal processing and trust us with their pet's health, to whom we truly give thanks! Without your love and devotion to pets, RAWZ would not be able to deliver pets THE NEXT BEST THING TO FEEDING RAW!

October 5, 2017

RAWZ's primary purpose!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, probably my favorite part of working at RAWZ is the frequent interactions I get to have with our customers. I love hearing about your pets and trying to figure out how one of our premium products can meet a nutritional need they have. I must admit, I get passionate about RAWZ and can get a bit verbose. Whether about our phenomenal products or the cause-based reason we're in business, communicating RAWZ's mission of helping people and pets to people is something that I love!

Sometimes people are taken aback when they read that we donate 100% of our profits and ask, "So are you a charity then?" Well the answer to that is no. RAWZ began with the belief that a raw diet, when fed correctly is the most beneficial way to feed a pet. The cornerstone of this belief lies in protein quality and how heat reduces the efficiency or usability of protein to pets. So while raw is the best, due to the high cost of nutritionally complete raw diets and the difficulty/cost of making a truly, homemade raw diet with all the necessary components, RAWZ was formulated to be THE NEXT BEST THING TO FEEDING RAW!

"And the RAWZ Fund...how does that fit in?", you ask. As is detailed on our website, following both the boys unfortunate accidents and our success with pet food going all the way back to the 1960's beginning with "Grampy" and Old Mother Hubbard, we found ourselves with the desire and opportunity to give back. With years of experience in, and a passion for animal nutrition, helping people and pets became our mission! While the thought of sharing the great fortune we've had with pets and our involvement with our RAWZ Fund partners certainly provides great motivation to keep working to get RAWZ into your pet's bowl: The drive to provide pets' phenomenal nutrition products remains primary.

September 8, 2017


Most people, certainly business students, are familiar with the phrase "Win-Win". Typically the term is used to describe an outcome of a negotiation or transaction where both participants walk away satisfied with the results. As one would imagine, this is the desired result and usually results in an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship. So what's this "Win-Win-Win" you ask?

I have to be honest and say that although I thought I may have coined the term, an after the fact google search revealed that a Fortune Magazine writer named Rachel Cook had used the term in an article describing the altruistic movement in industry happening of late. Ms. Cook gave a few examples of companies doing great, socially responsible things as part of their business models. So while my ego was a bit deflated, my hat goes of to any company (ie. Warby Parker, TOMS, and Bureo Skateboards *mentioned in the Forbes e-article) operating in such a manner.

As I think about it, when describing RAWZ and the phenomenon of customer satisfaction coinciding with social good resulting from the transaction; the winning or benefits don't end with merely two parties! First and foremost, RAWZ is dedicated to providing pets with premium nutrition products (Win #1=pet's health). Whether from our minimally processed dry, gum-free wet, or human grade freeze dried offerings, RAWZ delivers products following a "when only the best will do" philosophy.

I'm losing count of all the wins when it comes to feeding RAWZ, but let me recap. Paramount is that pets win nutritionally. Pet parents win knowing that they are providing their pet with an incredible product. We win by the satisfaction we get seeing pets thrive from minimally processed nutrition. Our RAWZ Fund partners win by the support the community of RAWZ retailers and feeders provide through any profits we make which of course provides all stakeholders with incredible satisfaction!