May 4, 2016

Is the protein level too high?

     A common misconception, or myth if you will, is that high protein diets are harmful to pets.  The way the story goes is that high protein diets cause kidney disease.  This erroneous fear developed as the result of research conducted feeding dogs food made from low quality, difficult to digest protein sources.  Protein is digested in the animal's liver, with the unusable portion excreted as waste by the kidneys.  When fed an abundant amount of low quality protein, an animals kidney's are taxed with a large amount of work.  A clear indicator of the high protein myth is that the prevalence of kidney disease among wolves in the wild is much lower than it is in domesticated animals; despite the fact that wolves eat a diet primarily made up of meat.

     Another big factor in the relationship between protein intake and kidney health in pets is the water intake of the animal.  While it's commonly known that cats often drink insufficient water levels on there own, dogs often fail to drink enough without encouragement.  Mixing wet, canned food to a pet's diet is a great way to increase hydration if the animal fails to drink enough water on his or her own.  Animals organs rely on adequate hydration to process macronutrients and any waste products created.

     In summation, it's simply untrue that a high protein diet is harmful for your pet.  In fact, the National Research Council has found no upper level for protein intake is known for dogs or cats.  In recent years countless studies have been published debunking the high protein myth.  The health of a diet comes down to the quality of its' ingredients, particularly the protein sources.  With RAWZ, we use USDA certified dehydrated chicken rather than heavily processed chicken meal as our concentrated source of protein; providing pets with high quality protein delivered in a food that's nearly 88% digestible!

April 5, 2016

Global Pet Expo!

     APPA (American Pet Products Association) holds its annual trade show called Global Pet Expo annually in Orlando, FL.  The show, just "Global" for short, was described as follows by APPA:

"The 2016 Show featured 1,087 exhibitors, 3,218 booths and more than 3,000 new product launches. 6,170 of the most qualified pet product buyers in the industry attended the Show, including an impressive number of international retailers."

As one can correctly assume from the above statement, Global is a huge show.  RAWZ officially launched our products concurrently with Global last year in off site meetings with independent retailers.  There was a team of 4 of us from RAWZ who made the trip this year (Amy Knox, Jim, Jim, and Janet Scott).

     The only chance I got to walk the convention center's floor to see the 13 football fields worth of pet products was when we set up the new products display which was located on the opposite end of the facility.  While the vast array of products being offered by enthusiastic company representatives were certainly impressive, one couldn't help but have the feeling that everything was the same.  I have to honestly say that the pet food industry is definitely making healthier products for pets with a major trend towards natural and less processed food ruling the day.  You see quite a few brands with components of freeze-dried or "raw" incorporated in their foods.  However, ingredient decks still contain highly processed rendered ingredients.

     Let's be clear, RAWZ doesn't include anything rendered in our recipes.  Not rendered meals, that although providing a good economical source of protein, undergo much more processing than our gently dehydrated chicken.  Or even chicken fat, which when listed as an ingredient signifies that the fat left over from the rendering of an animal ingredient to separate the protein or "meal" is added to the food, usually sprayed on the kibble after cooking.

      While we don't feel rendering is bad or that rendered ingredients are harmful to pets, RAWZ just believes in providing pets with minimally processed nutrition.  The high temperatures and longer cook times used in rendering are just something we've chosen to avoid for your pet.  To put it more consicely, we believe that when it comes to your pet's protein source; rendered is good, dehydrated is better, and raw (when fed correctly) is best.  We're proud to offer your pet quality products made with 100% rendered free ingredients!  




March 3, 2016


First off, I'd like to say happy birthday to my father, Jim Scott Jr., who turned 60 this week.  My mom threw him a surprise birthday dinner which was a wonderful time.  One of the best parts of the whole weekend was the chance to spend some time with family as my brother, sister, uncle, father's cousin, and grandparents all came to celebrate.  

I couldn't help but reflect on the family's journey in the pet food business as my Grandfather, dad, and I sat together talking about RAWZ.  For anyone doing the math at home, 60+90 (Jim Sr.)+33 (me)=183 years of Jim Scott(s)!  Beginning with "Grampy's" foray into pet food with the Old Mother Hubbard biscuit company in 1961, Dad's launch of Wellness in 1997, and continuing today with RAWZ Natural Pet Food, we're proud of our past and excited for this new chapter.

Not only is RAWZ a revolutionary product and a truly minimally processed food bringing pets the Next Best Thing to Feeding Raw, but our business is completely different too!  Our mission is to improve the lives of both pets (through superior nutrition) and people (with the RAWZ Fund).  By donating 100% of our profits to traumatic brain injury/spinal cord injury causes and supporting the use of service dogs, RAWZ and the Scott family hope to make a positive difference in the lives of many (whether 2 or 4 legged)! 


February 11, 2016


Last Monday I experienced a serious case of deja-vu! The temperature was above freezing and Clooney was his usual energetic self upon waking up so after feeding Clooney his morning meal of RAWZ, I decided to take him for a jog. Seeing that both Clooney and my legs are, let's just say, not long or built for distance running, I chose a loop of about 2.5 miles. I figured that it would take about 35 minutes to complete the route. Well to my surprise and Clooney's pure pleasure; in the neighborhood in Portsmouth where our path took us it was trash pickup day!

Clooney is mostly lab and like most from the breed, absolutely food obsessed! Every 50 feet or so as we approached another set of barrels, Clooney's gait would quicken as he subtly veered towards his target. Clooney behaved pretty well and although he snapped at every single bit of exposed trash, only caused one...ok maybe two, trash messes that I had to stop and re-put in its place. I'd say Clooney's exploration only cost us about 10 extra minutes!

When we returned home and Clooney reclaimed his spot in my bed, I couldn't help but smile as I thought of Boomer, our family's dog growing up. A yellow lab and inordinately food crazed, Boomer had poor behavior on trash days too! As I learned to walk again after my TBI and was living with my parents some years back, my goal was to walk Boomer around the neighborhood twice a day. Everything went great and I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride each day after our walk except on Mondays.

Monday was trash day in my parent's neighborhood. The first Monday I walked Boomer I ended up on the ground at nearly every house trying to restrain Boomer from exploring all the neighbors trash bags. This was a weekly occurrence and my parents had to drive me around the neighborhood to pick up Boomer's mess each Monday. Eventually we decided that Monday would be a good day for one of my parents to bring Boomer as both of their balance levels weren't compromised!