January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!!!

Everyone here at RAWZ wishes you and your pet(s) a happy and healthy New Year!  It's that time of year when we all make New Years resolutions in the hopes of improving some aspect of our lives.  Maybe not all, but certainly the majority of these resolutions are directed towards making ourselves more healthy whether through diet or lifestyle changes.  What better time to make a lifestyle or dietary change than the start of a new year?

As the maker of our pet companions dietary choices, pet parents have both a big responsibility and also the opportunity to improve a pets life through better nutrition.  This is exactly our reason for providing The Next Best Thing to Feeding Raw to today's pets with RAWZ.  RAWZ Natural Pet Food offers pets a minimally processed dry food from a company dedicated to improving lives by donating 100% of our profits to charities.  We hope you join us in helping people and pets in 2016 and beyond!  

December 15, 2015


      Carbohydrates get a bad wrap!  Particularly in todays very weight and nutrition conscious society.  Truth be told, particularly for humans, carbs are neither necessarily good or bad.  In fact, a carbohydrate is actually just a macronutrient that the body uses for fuel (energy).  Just as protein and fat are used to build new tissues, the human body uses carbohydrates, but as efficient energy sources.

      For our dog and cat companions, however, it is very important to watch their carbohydrate intake.  Any excess carbs not burned as energy sources will be stored as fat and lead to obesity.  This is particularly important when considering over half of today's pets are obese.  Shockingly most dry pet foods on the market today range between 46 and 74% carbohydrates according to Dog Food Advisor.

     RAWZs actual nutritional makeup has some variance due to the fact that it is cooked in small batches and although always meeting stated guaranteed analysis numbers, ingredients aren't always identical.  The bottom line is that the RAWZ in our bags is a low carbohydrate food at about 25%.  Also, by avoiding the use of grains or even potatoes, RAWZ is a certified low glycemic diet!     

December 9, 2015

Tapioca Starch

Just the other day when speaking with an associate at one of our retail partners I was asked about the inclusion of Tapioca Starch in our formulas.  As someone obviously well educated on pet food and it's ingredients, the woman asked a pretty specific question; "Why would RAWZ include Tapioca, which is high in carbohydrates, in a formula designed to be low glycemic?"

After speaking with a team member who's an animal nutritionist and a little research of notes from our product formulation discussions, here is the answer:

While by their very nature all starches are high in carbohydrates we needed to include an ingredient capable of holding all of the meat in RAWZ together.  In Tapioca Starch we found what we were looking for; a powerful starch that although a carbohydrate, one with a lower glycemic index than the often used potatoes or grains such as wheat.  Our Tapioca Starch is sourced in Thailand and comes from the root of Cassava plants grown without GMOs.

December 3, 2015

87.9% Digestibility!

Digestibility has became quite the buzz word in discussions surrounding pet food of late. The term represents the percentage of a food taken in to the digestive tract that is absorbed by the body. Although pretty gross, the way digestibility is measured is by comparing the intake of food versus the amount of waste generated by the animal. Obviously, more nutrients absorbed by the animal signifies that a food is being used efficiently. Because a truly raw diet is not exposed to any heat, it will typically rate in between 90-97% digestible depending on it's composition and protein source.

This is where RAWZ is truly the next best thing to feeding raw! Due to avoiding the use of anything rendered, particularly protein meals, RAWZ has a remarkable digestibility of 87.9%! Contributing to this amazing statistic is the gentle, small batch cooking of our minimally processed formulas. In fact, to steam cook our food we don't need to add any water as the quantity of meat in each RAWZ product offers plenty of its own moisture naturally!