Making a Difference this Memorial Day

Patriotic border collie dog running along the beach carrying the American flag.

This Memorial Day we are remembering our service members that protect us every day, and those that even lost their lives for our country. There is no way to fully thank you for the sacrifices you all made for the United States, but we hope to continue to support our Veterans and active service members.

At RAWZ we have a mission to help those with living with disabilities and that includes our Veterans. We’ve partnered with an amazing organization, Patriot PAWS, to support them in providing service dogs free of cost to disabled Veterans and others with mobile disabilities to help restore their physical and emotional independence.

Learn about one person’s story with Patriot PAWS here:

Freedom & Gus 

We currently have a puppy in training, RAWZee, and we’re hearing she is Acing training so far. We’re excited to see what the future holds for RAWZee and her future partner and companion.


Keep up with RAWZee’s journey on our social media channels. We’ll be giving regular updates on her progress!

To learn more about Patriot PAWS and donate this memorial day, visit