The benefits of shopping at an independent pet specialty retail store

Gabe the Husky lying on a porch

The decision of what to feed your pet is of the utmost importance. Important, but not easy. A Google search for “pet food” yields about 240 million results. Obviously visiting a large retailer doesn’t mean facing millions of different products, but it can certainly feel that way. How then is a consumer faced with the countless brands and ever-expanding categories of food supposed to make the best decision for their pet? Or even a good decision?

Like many choices in life, this one is best made with the input of someone with a lot of knowledge on the subject.   Who lives and breathes animal nutrition every day? Who knows the best brands and what's behind the labels? Who hears daily feedback from people who feed these products to their pets?   The staff at the independent pet specialty retail store probably has a more detailed knowledge of pet food than just about anyone else. In fact, many of these pet friendly stores’ staff have even met the dogs and cats themselves!

These retail storeowners and their employees are animal lovers themselves who keep up to date on trends in the pet food market.   These individuals will take the time to listen about you and your pets’ specific situations. Ultimately, both customers and independent store’s goals align: The best nutrition for your pet!